Cherryvale Skateboard Company

Cherryvale Skateboard Company, founded by Valerie Phillips and Jason Gormley in Cherryvale, Kansas, April 12, 2006, is dedicated to the preservation of youthful idealism, naïve enthusiasms and unrealistic expectations.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Okay. So we're slowly getting there. And here's photographic proof, if proof were needed, that those of you on the Cherryvale skate team (you know who you are) will soon posess a virginal skateboard deck to despoil. What you do with it is up to you - if that's a bit vague don't worry, we'd love to chat about ideas and steer you in some direction or another. Just email us at

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Myspace. Hmm. Rupert Murdoch's place. I don't approve but Valerie says everyone's on there. So peer pressure dictates we are too. It was a pain in the ass to get it sorted. But finally we sussed it. Check it out, and sample some of the aforementioned Ariel Pink. Plus we could use some friends. It's kind of lonely on there at the moment. We got rid of our first and so far only pal - that Tom weirdo (Rupert's puppet boy).


Ariel Pink provides the soundtrack here at Cherryvale Skateboard Company. He's been on heavy rotation ever since me and Valerie saw him play back in June. His music is like nothing you've heard before but somehow, you do know it. Right now Valerie's in LA working, and seeing as its Ariel's hometown, she's doing her best to track him down and get him to contribute to the show. Meanwhile, he's our aural world dominator.

Images off Google.
Hey, thanks Google.


So here's the final logo. Yeah, we kept it simple. Dingus (logo craftsman) seems happy with our choice. Which is cool seeing as how he did it all for free. The whole logo thing is kinda flexible. It'll grow and evolve as Cherryvale Skateboard Company rolls on, like some ever growing, all consuming snowball...