Cherryvale Skateboard Company

Cherryvale Skateboard Company, founded by Valerie Phillips and Jason Gormley in Cherryvale, Kansas, April 12, 2006, is dedicated to the preservation of youthful idealism, naïve enthusiasms and unrealistic expectations.

Monday, November 06, 2006

OZ vs AP

Valerie and I went to Oz for a few weeks in October. We saw the mighty Ariel Pink play Melbourne and Adelaide with a superb band of Aussie musos who had totally nailed his sound. It was stunning and confirmed his status as musical genius. You gotta check him out. We had a really good chat with Ariel in Adelaide and he reckoned he was gonna do something with his Cherryvale board. We're keeping our fingers crossed. On the way back to London we stopped for a day in Hong Kong and were blown away by that city. We really need to get a Hong Kong artist to contribute to Cherryvale. Suggestions welcome at Meanwhile, lots of artists have been in touch and we've got back about half a dozen boards already. And they all look absolutely incredible. They're all so different and so amazing that they kind of make us feel a bit sick to our stomachs.


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